Rafael Gallardo Art Studio
Rafael Gallardo
American artist
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- Professional Artist since 1983.
- Fine Artist in acrylic, oil, pastel, ink, technical pen & paint brush media (figures & abstracts) as well as writing and computer art.

Rafael Gallardo

The Creator started this realm by accidentally turning on the lights, unveiling an overcrowded toolshed where the just born eternity happened in a trial-error manner, mixing materials and sentient beings that briefly evolved and prematurely disappeared, clearing space for new beings, each one exceptional, making it difficult to credit the same creator for their substance.

That fish was unique, with unwavering persistence in any task, like swimming or fishing, square dancing or stand-alone freestyle ballet, writing poems on the abyssal sand bed, dreaming of moving to a mythical dryland where people are people, trees are trees and, in an instant, fish become a race demoted to the cruel category of livestock, everybody’s free food. This is why the Creator chose that same fish to be the first one to leap into evolution, in an age when all animal existence was underwater, beginning a sequel that eventually led to a collective ‘you’.

The lack of time to rest comes with the Creator’s job, perhaps motivated by remorseful scars still bleeding for having started a universal chaos, the Big Bang that occurs daily at every blink of an eye.

Being the first creative work ever, it was unscripted, increasing the chance of failure that had to be corrected by burning down any traces of misdeed, Francis Bacon style, when in fact it is a tacit reckoning that error plays an essential role in any creative action. Unfortunately, “error” belongs to the family branch that must be hidden, walled up, in order to preserve a pristine result whose values remain chained to the next experimental fate, a succession of colorful links blending with the eternal horizon.

Once this cumulative process reaches a certain level it’s pointless to try to slow it down, absorbing more and more attention from the Creator. No chance for vacation or Shabbat, as in Vedic breathing, exhaling universes, galaxies and any imaginable ingenuity, because if The Creator were to stop, it would be like flipping off the lights and contemplating the shadows slowly streaming in reverse until the room turns back to full emptiness.