J. Paul Getty Museum:
A life time experience
By Rafael Gallardo

The architecture, the geographical location, the greatness and overwhelming physical space, make this Temple of the Art some sort of Machu Pichu in the heart of Los Angeles, less than 20 minutes from Down Town, but in the top of a mountain, from where one can experience a glorious panoramic view of LA and its eternal cloud of contamination. 

  The day before, the sun did rise as red as a prophecy.
    I read in the newspaper a comment about the end of Raphael's exhibition in the Getty, so I thought: "It's now o never," since it would be a unique opportunity to see the collection of drawings by the Renaissance master.

    So, I rented a fast-small car and headed to LA (at 90 mph average,) enjoying the freeway frenzy in that gorgeous, unforgettable Sunday. 
    It was a blast! 
    There is so much to say about the Raphael's collection (which is owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth):
    That he is GREAT.  That you feel his poetry coming from a half millennium ago, touching the finest part of your soul; that you don't know what to do, just stand still watching, praying, feeling so much...

  That one has to cry with a real, pure essence of what Human Kind can be.  That it was the last day of exhibiting this magnificent work in American soil...
  But, how about  the J. Paul Getty Museum? Well, it is just steps out of the  405 freeway (San Diego Freeway,) which -by the way- is pretty cool!  Once one reaches the Getty's main gate, one feels that something outstanding is going to happen:
      you have to park about a mile from the actual Museum, in a secluded building whose structure could seem more appropriate for a Museum than many museums I have seen; the attention is so nice that you immediately realize that the Organization for sure did a hard people's research to hire such a talented team.  
      It is just the beginning of a marvelous journey.
    Then you take a train (airport style) that carries you to the top of the mountain, while you meditate about the incredible aspect of LA from Heaven.
      Then, the miraculous appearance of the Museum's buildings complex almost blinds you.

    You have to see that!